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The Business Case for Sustainable Business
By Steve Schueth

“If you are a profit-maximizing capitalist who believes climate change is a hoax, you will do exactly what you would do if you were scared to death about climate change,” says L. Hunter Lovins, founder and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, “because we know how to solve the problem—and make money doing it!"

 “You don’t have to believe in the problem, to believe in the solution.”  This is the premise of Climate Capitalism, the sequel to the global bestseller, Natural Capitalism, both co-authored by Ms. Lovins.

 Hunter spoke at the First Affirmative BaseCamp in New York in mid-June and used some of the case studies and vignettes from the book to illustrate how smart businesses are integrating sustainability best practices into their operations, reducing emissions, saving energy, and enhancing profitability.  In the process, they are realizing competitive advantage, attracting top talent, and enjoying higher market valuations.

 "It is a competitive issue, an issue of the long-term share performance of companies," she said. The investment community is starting to realize that if you put money into companies of the future, they will do very well, and that “their money is at risk if they persist in putting it into companies that don't get it."

Posted: July 19, 2011