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Newsweek Releases Annual Green Rankings
By Tyler Collins

In collaboration with environmental research providers Trucost and Sustainalytics , Newsweek has released the 2012 Green Rankings, an assessment of companies’ environmental footprint, management of that footprint, and transparency.

The Green Rankings focus on the largest 500 publicly traded companies (by revenue, market capitalization, and number of employees) in America and worldwide.

Companies are ranked by their overall Green Score, which is based on three components: Environmental Impact Score (45%), Environmental Management Score (45%), and Disclosure Score (10%).

Started in 2009, Newsweek publishes the Green Rankings annually as the first effort by a major media organization to rank companies based on their actual environmental impact. Given the rankings’ visibility, it presents a strong catalyst for companies to improve their environmental impact and stakeholder involvement.

One may be surprised to notice that companies such as Walmart and McGraw-Hill are higher ranked than Whole Foods, a company based on being “green.” Often a company may be perceived by consumers as more environmentally conscious than they actually are.

Partnering with Penn Schoen Berland and Landor Associates, who conduct the annual Green Brands consumer survey, Newsweek conducted an online poll of 8,743 Americans to create the Reputation Score for companies. It also shows the disparity between the Newsweek Green Score (an objective measure of environmental performance) and the Reputation Score, a consumer perception of the company’s greenness.

A closer look at the methodology behind the rankings.

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Posted: November 5, 2012