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Clean Energy Victory Bonds. Call Your Congressperson
By Tyler Collins

The Clean Energy Victory Bond Act of 2012 has been proposed to Congress and could give Americans a way to invest in clean energy through a new government bond.

Green America, a non-profit membership organization that promotes ethical consumerism, offered the idea in 2009 as a method of raising money for clean energy—similar to Victory Bonds sold during World War II to fund the war effort. These new bonds are projected to raise enough money to generate 1.7 million news jobs in manufacturing, deploying, and maintaining new renewable energy projects.

The bill, formally named H.R. 6275, calls for the extension and modification of current energy investment tax credits, credits for electricity produced from renewable sources, and grants for plug-in electric vehicles.

In the official H.R. 6275 proposition, Congress finds that "there is enormous potential for increasing renewable energy production and energy efficiency installation in the U.S." The document also states that the largest barrier to rapid expansion of clean energy is upfront costs. While federal incentives have been beneficial, they are insufficient in meeting public demand and do not utilize the full potential of clean energy and energy efficiency.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds allow individuals to invest in clean energy with as little as $25. Interest is paid to the investor after ten years. Clean Energy Victory Bond funded projects will create jobs, generate business revenues, and increase federal tax revenues.

You can help get H.R. 6275 passed. Call your congressional representatives and express your support for the bill. By pledging to buy the bonds when they become available, it will show Congress how much demand there is for the bonds. Green America is urging us all to spread awareness to our friends, families, and networks.

You can pledge to buy the bonds by going to cleanenergyvictorybonds.org

Posted: December 27, 2012