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Despite Federal Setbacks, Landmark Progress on Climate
By James Griffitts, Contributor

Much has been written on the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement as fear of unchecked climate change abounds. However, despite (and in some cases, subsequent to) the decision, state and local governments and the private sector have made unprecedented commitments to meet climate goals set by the agreement: A long and growing list Read more »

Posted: August 9, 2017

Unprecedented Majority Votes on Climate
By Holly Testa, Director, Shareowner Engagement

Shareholder advocates have long pressed for increased disclosure from companies on their exposure to, and management of, climate risks and opportunities. In April, shareholders won major victories at Occidental Petroleum and Exxon Mobil. Via shareholder proposals (shareholder resolutions), both companies were asked to report on the impact of global measures designed to limit global warming Read more »

Posted: August 9, 2017

Why Water Is Becoming Everyone's Business
By Ana Olaya-Rotonti

For years the U.S. has enjoyed an abundance of water for households, business, and agriculture. However, within the last decade, the western U.S. has begun to experience its share of water stress and droughts showing the need for more awareness and for the need to implement solutions focused on mitigation and adaptation. Peter Culp, an Read more »

Posted: April 5, 2017

Impact Investing and the Dakota Access Pipeline
By Laura Isanuk

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a textbook example of environmental injustice within the United States. The treatment of sovereign Native American nations by the U.S. government has rarely been admirable over the past 200 years, but DAPL has sparked the interest of a broad swath of Americans interested in social justice and attracted thousands Read more »

Posted: December 30, 2016

The Future of Native Sovereignty in the US
By Guest Contributor

By Greg Jackson, 2016 SRI Conference Scholar The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is one of the most controversial domestic issues in the United States at the present moment. Despite a recent US government call for "nationwide reform with respect to considering tribes' views on these types of infrastructure projects," the first draft of the Army Read more »

Posted: December 21, 2016

Regenerative Agriculture: The Future of Farming
By Guest Contributor

By Sarah Reice, 2016 SRI Conference Scholar   The loss of fertile soil and biodiversity around the world poses a threat to the future of life on the planet. According to scientists, the current rate of soil destruction from erosion, de-carbonization, desertification, and chemical pollution will cause serious damage to public health. Current farming practices will Read more »

Posted: December 14, 2016

Are Coal Companies in a Death Spiral?
By JJ Jahania

The First Industrial Revolution in the United States, between about 1820 and 1870, was a period of extraordinary growth. Our nation's entire economy transformed dramatically as technological developments allowed businesses to expand their production systems in a big way. Traditional hand tools and other manual processes were replaced with powerful machinery. Of course, a reliable Read more »

Posted: July 18, 2016

Finding Palm Oil: The Journey Continues
By JJ Jahania

Instant noodles. Laundry detergent. Ice cream. Shampoo. At first glance, it may appear that these items are unrelated; however, they actually have more in common than you might think. All of these products can be found in your local grocery store, and they all contain palm oil. Palm oil is the most widely-used type of Read more »

Posted: July 12, 2016

Chemical Footprint Project Releases First Report
By JJ Jahania

Last week, the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) published its introductory annual report on corporate progress toward reducing chemical footprints. This report is the first of its kind to shed light on the chemical management practices of some of the world's largest and most recognizable brands. The CFP initiative was launched in 2014 with the support Read more »

Posted: June 2, 2016

How Far Would You Travel to Save Your Homeland?
By Holly Testa, Director, Shareowner Engagement

Small shareowners may feel powerless to have any impact on the decision-making of the enormous public corporations in which they invest. However, there are times when a few shares and a lot of teamwork can make a difference. Here is a case where a coalition of players, including shareowners, worked together to give a voice Read more »

Posted: May 19, 2016