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American Sustainable Business Council Goes to Washington
By Kymberly Levesque

In early June, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) met with White House staff and Congress to introduce Washington to “A Business Call for a New Economy.” The document advocates for economic shifts structured around the principles of economic empowerment and environmental stewardship.

The ASBC began in 2009 to provide a counterpoint to more conservative corporate lobbying. The ASBC states that it is “committed to advancing a vision, framework and policies that support a vibrant, just and sustainable economy.” It represents more than 150,000 businesses and 300,000 business professionals.

A Business Call for a New Economy” provides a framework for a new economy that rests on the concept of a “triple-bottom line” where business decision-making looks beyond profit to consider ecological and social impacts. It advocates government be a stakeholder in an economic process that manages markets by accounting for all costs, providing incentives and support, and leveling the playing field in order to allow more equitable economic models to thrive.

This call for action from the ASBC rests on five core principles of a market economy: broad prosperity, sustainability, sensible measures and regulations, and democratic control. ASBC says the time is now to reinvent an economy along these lines in order to reap the benefits of capitalism “while gaining control over its destructive tendencies toward overuse of resources, instability, extremes of wealth and poverty, underdevelopment of human potential, and concentrations of power that suppress innovation.”

Posted: July 5, 2012