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By Tyler Collins

The year ahead may be a big one for the world of sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing, according to the 2012 SRI Conference Survey conducted by First Affirmative.

Of the 218 SRI/ESG professionals surveyed by First Affirmative, three out of four say that “SRI is growing and will continue to do so,” with the largest number saying that most of this growth will be in “impact investing.”

A majority of respondents predict “institutional investor acceptance of SRI/ESG to improve in the next 12 months.” However, nearly half feel that wider acceptance of SRI will require “increased emphasis on impact investing for institutions that have ‘making a difference’ as part of their mission.”

First Affirmative believes that all investing has “impact.” We work with clients who are consciously directing investment capital for positive impact, while seeking competitive returns.

In the press release highlighting the survey results, First Affirmative President, Steve Schueth, said: "After the recent financial crisis, more and more investors have hungered for a way to have a more direct connection between their money and the impact it is having in the world… Impact investing is the latest way that investment professionals who work with socially conscious investors are helping to deliver positive returns as well as positive change—for the common good."

About half of survey respondents predict that SRI investment performance is expected to do as well or slightly better than the overall market in the coming year.

Here’s how CNBC has reported on this survey: http://www.cnbc.com/id/48912392.

Financial Advisor Magazine reported on the topic as well.

Posted: September 7, 2012