Impact Investing and the Dakota Access Pipeline
By Laura Isanuk

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a textbook example of environmental injustice within the United States. The treatment of sovereign Native American nations by the U.S. government has rarely been admirable over the past 200 years, but DAPL has sparked the interest of a broad swath of Americans interested in social justice and attracted thousands Read more »

Posted: December 30, 2016

The Future of Native Sovereignty in the US
By Guest Contributor

  By Greg Jackson The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is one of the most controversial domestic issues in the United States at the present moment. Despite a recent US government call for "nationwide reform with respect to considering tribes' views on these types of infrastructure projects," the first draft of the Army Corps of Read more »

Posted: December 21, 2016

Marketing Internship: First Affirmative Financial Network
By Laura Isanuk

The Company: First Affirmative Financial Network is an independent investment advisory firm specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing. The firm offers asset management and consulting services to individual and institutional investors seeking to align investment decision-making with personal values and/or institutional missions. To learn more about the company, visit The Team: This position Read more »

Posted: December 19, 2016

The Relationship Between ESG and Financial Performance
By Will Linkenheil

Until quite recently, Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing was looked down upon by much of the investing community. There was serious concern "that incorporating environment, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into a portfolio design meant accepting a lower rate of return." However, a growing body of research is making it "clear that sustainable and responsible Read more »

Posted: December 19, 2016

A Post-Election Impact Investor Survival Kit
By Guest Contributor

By Ana Olaya-Rotonti   Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. This headline took much of the world by surprise on November 8, 2016. Beyond the initial shock, perhaps half of the citizenry of the United States are feeling very pessimistic about the future under a Trump presidency. While more clarity will Read more »

Posted: December 14, 2016

Regenerative Agriculture: The Future of Farming
By Guest Contributor

By Sarah Reice   The loss of fertile soil and biodiversity around the world poses a threat to the future of life on the planet. According to scientists, the current rate of soil destruction from erosion, de-carbonization, desertification, and chemical pollution will cause serious damage to public health. Current farming practices will no longer sustain Read more »

Posted: December 14, 2016

Wealth Management's Changing Landscape: Women and Millennials
By Danielle Burns

By: Betsy Moszeter, COO, Green Alpha Advisors, and Danielle Burns, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, First Affirmative Financial Network As consumers and investors, women are changing the way society interacts with its money by consistently making more holistic decisions than men about how they spend, save, and invest their money. Currently, women directly control 39% Read more »

Posted: November 29, 2016

White House to Require Greenhouse Reporting by Government Contractors
By JJ Jahania

The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council has proposed new legislation to require the United States government's top suppliers to report whether or not they publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. These contractors will be required to also address how they plan to reduce these emissions and how climate change may affect their operations in the future. Read more »

Posted: August 26, 2016

An Intimate Gathering with 50 Billion Dollars
By Laura Isanuk

This past June, I presented a resolution filed with TJX Companies by NorthStar Asset Management, Inc., ("NorthStar") a Boston-based socially responsible investment firm. The proposal requested the company link the CEO's compensation to progress on racial/ethnic and gender diversity in senior management. In preparation for the meeting, I met with NorthStar's Coordinator of Shareholder Activism, Read more »

Posted: August 16, 2016

A Minor Force for Impact Investing
By Mike Sakraida

An Insider's Look at Presenting a Shareholder Resolution With the 2016 Proxy voting season nearly over, we wanted to highlight our experiences presenting resolutions at a selection of annual meetings.  In the past companies have not been the most welcoming to our community. They cannot prevent our resolution from taking place, but when the meeting Read more »

Posted: August 12, 2016

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